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After doing state and federal prison time, Kardell Sims walked out of them gates with a blueprint. A blueprint that he put together while incarcerated. Inmate to Inspiration is his story, his journey, as he shares with you valuable information that he learned and applied to free himself from his own destruction. Not letting the limitations of his background reduce the height of his potential, Kardell outgrew what he was born into.




“My Dad’s a King” aims to provide comfort, reassurance, and understanding to children affected by parental incarceration, reminding them that they are not alone in their experiences. It encourages them to cherish the love shared with their parents and find strength in the power of family, ultimately inspiring a sense of hope and optimism for the future.


My Dad's a King
 Benjamin Case






Behind the Wall: A Prisoner’s Journal is a collection of observations and brief essays about prison life by Christopher Monihan who has served 26 years in Ohio prisons for felony assault on a police officer. 

behind the wall




David Joseph Gariano was arrested at his home in early December, 2012 for growing marijuana. He would later be sentenced to five years in Federal Prison. Over the next several years, he wrote about his experience with incarceration, the men with whom he shared his time, and some of the incredible experiences that shaped him along the way.

big love









The moving memoir of a Death Row inmate who discovers Buddhism and becomes an inspirational role model for fellow inmates, guards, and a growing public.

that bird has wings

that bird has my wings
Jarvis Jay Masters




This booklet is a life’s guide for any person who is currently indicted facing prison time, or already incarcerated within the Department of prisons. This book will guide you, the reader, on how to use discipline & structure to make sure when you are set free you will never undertake this path in life again.


Lorenzo Hester Jr.



Sheron gives a very detailed journey of his life from childhood to unjustly serving two consecutive twenty-year prison sentences. Sheron takes you through his personal journey of growing up - how he turned to drugs for financial security, his development of an abusive nature, his substance abuse, his music career, and ultimately his experience with death; molding him to be the man that he is now.

lifes lenses







Life's Lenses II follows the life of Sheron Edwards as he faces recovery, romance and redemption while incarcerated.

lifes lenses 2


During the years of 2007-2010, Lynn Espejo worked for a group of doctors in Little Rock, Arkansas, as their Clinic Administrator. Little did she know that her complaint after being sexually assaulted by one of the doctors, would end with her being charged with a crime. Lynn shares her shock at finding out that the doctors shredded all the financial evidence needed to prove her innocence. Her story takes you through the twists and turns of her case as she journeys through the federal criminal “in”justice system.

inside the walls



I've been locked up a very long time. I can offer many insights to those on their way to prison as well as to the loved ones left behind. I am still incarcerated and have to write under a pen name. Some of the things I have written are not very welcomed by many people. I am very critical of this system.




Change is Possible is a powerful story about Eddie, a 16-year-old boy from Washington DC who once dreamed of playing in the NBA or NFL. However, his life took a dark turn as he got caught up in the streets and eventually found himself arrested for murder.




Falsely convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison, Lacino Hamilton sent thousands of letters during his incarceration. After twenty-six years, including eleven years in solitary confinement, and a years-long campaign of public and political pressure, Hamilton was exonerated and released on September 30, 2020.

in spite


In the gripping and transformative memoir, The Honest Lie, Shane Baldwin shares his incredible journey of self-discovery while confined within the walls of a prison cell.

honest lie



In 2021, a writing contest was held among residents of Idaho prisons: Write a letter to your twelve-year-old self. These are the fifty extraordinary results — heart-warming, heart-breaking, clever, beautifully crafted, and hilarious.

Dear me



Tony McNeil is an advanced young boy who has dreams of becoming someone who helps others. After an accident that leaves him in the hospital for a few days, he awakes to find that he's been given a very powerful gift: He can alter reality with his dreams. But, nothing in this world is free, as he comes to realize.

dream weaver

The Dream Weaver
 Antonio Williams

Men and women in prison are seen by society as problems and burdens. This book begins with a different premise: that you can be a solution, not only in the world but in your own life as well. It’s about a way of living called wholeness ethics and it’s based on the simple truth that we find our own wholeness only in right relationship with the world.

stepping up





In 1998, Curtis Shuler a sixteen year old juvenile was arrested on First Degree Murder charges. This book demonstrates the intimate and revealing reality of a teenager unjustly convicted and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

16 & serving





This book is a essential introductory guide to prison life, offering a gripping account of the challenges, strategies, and lessons needed to survive.Whether you are a concerned family member, criminal justice professional, or just curious about prison life, "Surviving Prison" provides a much needed perspective. 

surviving prison

Surviving Prison
 Benjamin Case


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