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 South Carolina For Restorative Justice, established by Lulu Cameron, is a grassroots organization led by BIPOC individuals. We strongly advocate for the idea that those directly affected by the issues are often best positioned to identify effective solutions, yet they often find themselves lacking essential resources. Lulu envisions a world where positive change is achieved through every choice, moment, and breath. Individuals with good intentions seeking to rebuild our communities are not as distant as they may seem. 

21st Street Publishing

To provide a diverse selection of literary works to inmates at no cost to the facility or tax payer, while also providing valuable book distribution for indie authors, small publishing houses and self-publishers.

Worth Rises

Worth Rises is a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to dismantling the prison industry and ending the exploitation of those it touches. We work to expose the commercialization of the criminal legal system and advocate and organize to protect and return the economic resources extracted from affected communities. Through our work, we strive to pave a road toward a safe and just world free of police and prisons.

Prison Outreach

We are not attempting to change the system or offer a shiny certificate for the parole board to see. Our interest is in educating those prisoners who are genuinely seeking self-improvement on a one-on-one basis. Our program is not limited by government mismanagement or the harsh conditions of prison. We offer personal materials for self-motivated individuals who sincerely want to change, and nothing more. The onus is on the prisoner to request the materials and use what he or she is given.

Gin and Justice

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Hood Candidate

Andy Hood Candidate Williams, Jr. is a Rabbi, abolitionist, and an advocate. He believes that our broken political system stands in the way of solutions, because our politicians stopped serving “We the People” a long time ago. is an organization dedicated to helping those whose voices have been silenced by the Colorado State Prison System and are being denied their constitutional rights. Theses inmates have provided us with their information in hopes of finding assistance and/or help. We are asking that you please contact the individuals with any assistance that you are able to provide.

On the Rock

Jimmy MacPhee, an ordained minister and returning citizen from a forty-five-year prison journey, has co-authored three prison writing books, Letters To Our Sons, Didn’t See It Coming and Frankie San, A Burning and Shining Light for Christ. Embracing life with God-inspired passion, he continues to write, speak and minister to “the least of these” who remain incarcerated.

MI Rights

Advocate for the wrongfully accused, convicted, and incarcerated. Fight for ethical treatment and dignity for all, not just a privileged few. Develop and contribute to initiatives, legislature, and programs that create and uphold a fair restorative justice system for all. Organize advocates, citizen detectives, and experts to investigate and locate evidence that could exonerate wrongfully incarcerated individuals. Provide free resources and information for impacted individuals and families not just in Michigan, but across the United States.

Inside Out

We are a network comprised of incarceration-impacted as well as currently imprisoned persons, banding together to end mass incarceration, expose State/Federal Government corruption, uncover inhumane conditions of confinement, and provide common sense solutions to these unfortunate situations.

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