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Memories with Mom

Mother's Day is celebrated every May, but mothers across the world make life a little easier every day. My mother has seen me during the good times, as well as the bad, and she has never left my side. I’m very grateful for her unconditional love and support. Every chance I get, I remind her of her greatness, and thank her for her sacrifices. Even though I’m incarcerated, she did a wonderful job raising me and my two sisters. All mothers possess superhuman strength and abilities. There’s nothing that my mom can't do.

Here's a funny story. Around Christmas I was in need of a haircut…bad. My cousin was my usual barber, but due to the holiday, I didn’t get to him in time. For some odd reason, there was a brand-new set of clippers at our house, and mom simply said, "I’ll cut your hair."

I sat down without any hesitation. Like I said, mom is super woman. I felt the clippers grind against my head. Nothing felt unusual as I watched my hair fall to the floor. She shaved one side of my head. Then another. Then it began: laughter! “Why are you laughing?” The laughter got louder. I jumped up and ran to the mirror. Mom gave me a Mr. T mohawk.

She told me to just keep my hat on for Christmas and reassured me she’d find someone to "hook me up" later. On Christmas day she told everybody what she did. My aunt asked all the children to stand in front of the tree so she could take pictures. "On the count of three: one, two, three! CHEESE!” Before I knew it two of my cousins were reaching for my hat as the camera flashed but I was way too quick for them. When I finally saw the picture, there I was, red and black Freddy Kruger checkered sweater covering my head with both hands!

Thanks mom!

Written by Colin Broughton. We just wanted to show our appreciation to all the mothers that love their sons and daughters through their mess. Most men in prison have many stories to tell about their mother's love and find out that Mom is their only true friend.

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