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A Call to Action

The inspiration for this letter was the result of a conversation with a good friend. We were building on some positive ideas, and he said the conversation inspired him. His inspiration, in turn, inspired me. My prayer is that the inspiration is spread by all who read this letter. God has placed it on my heart to share this with as many people as possible. If you have the means to make copies and spread it to others, please do.

The landscape of prison is changing drastically. Prison Ministry is getting snuffed out in many ways. It is very easy to see the devil at work not only in prison but all over the world.

Matthew 11:12 from the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent are taking it by force.

Brothers and sisters, I urge you! I implore you! I encourage you! Be diligent in seeking the kingdom and building it up! Love is not just a feeling or emotion. Love is an action. Love is aggressive! Love is powerful! God is love! The love that is in you; the God that is in you ...I challenge you to put it into motion. Let God (love) work through you! Are you disgusted by your surroundings? LOVE! Are you discouraged because classes are cancelled? LOVE! Are you upset by violence and hate that is strangling the world? LOVE!

As prisoners we have limited power. Behold, brothers and sisters! Prayer is power! Words are power! God created the entire world with the Word. Jesus!! The author of life! You were created in God's image! The Creative Energy that God used to format the entire existence of Eternity; you have measures of that energy inside of you. God is calling you to be a good steward of his creativity and use it to take the kingdom by force!

Whining, crying about circumstances, and not putting God's love into motion is not how to be good stewards of God's gifts. We need to be doing things that merit forgiveness. How can we expect to be forgiven when we are not breathing life into the world? Brothers and sisters, we need ideas that are contributing to society. Don't just look to be built up, build others up. Don't just go to class to receive a certificate. Bring that knowledge to your unit and share it. Don’t always look for the ways you can benefit from something. Be a benefit to someone else.

Find ways to invest life into your family and community. As an example: most correctional institutions have greenhouses, growing seedling trees and sending them to a school for Earth Day would be a great way of sowing life into the community. Something, that you brought to life, will be planted as a growing reminder of God's life-giving love.

It is our responsibility to bring ideas to prison Ministries and sow life into the community. Our help is needed to retake the kingdom by Force! The force of Love. Speak life! Sow life! Love hard! Call on God, ask him to guide you. Put the pen to the pad and assist Jesus in His Authorship of Life! Be ambassadors in chains!

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