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A Prisoner's Prayer

Lord Jesus

As I look around my prison cell, I can see things clearly. First, I see all that You have blessed me with. The pictures of my wife and family stare at me from the wall. I see the smiles in the pictures, but when I see them and hear them, I can feel their pain. All of these blessings of familial relationships are just beyond my reach. Soccer games, date nights, holidays and every day things are only hopes and dreams.

Books fill my dilapidated cell. I have turned this space into a library filled with a wealth of knowledge. These books reflect the truth that the Holy Spirit has revealed to me. Many Bibles, that each have a particular purpose to help me better understand You. Other books offer perspective on Your Word. The other books in my room are to help me better understand the world and the people You place in my path. LORD, with the help of the Holy Spirit please allow me to use the knowledge You have entrusted to me to honor, glorify, and fear You. May I be able to impart this knowledge to others so they may be edified.

The air conditioning vent has been torn off the wall so that I can commune with my neighbors. We pass things through the vent and talk like it's an intercom system. My closest neighbor lives in my cell. I don't love him as I should because I can pick apart his flaws and focus on all he does to aggravate me. As a log sticks out of my own eye I scrape away at his splinter. LORD guide me to be a better prisoner, dorm resident, and roommate.

There is a divide between us and them. Rules are put in place by them so we don't get too close. Codes are established by us so we don’t seem to be working with the enemy. So many times, it is easy to see correctional officers as the enemy. LORD God, I pray for Your strength to pray for the men and women doing their job. I deserve this punishment but often find myself cursing the guards. You didn't deserve Yours but You blessed with Your dying breath.

These walls are built up by my past sin and transgressions against You and man. They are a constant reminder of the pain I caused my victims and their families. I know they must hate me and I accept that, but LORD Jesus, Prince of peace, Author of life, I pray that You will bless them with all the gifts and fruit of Your Spirit. I pray for their forgiveness and I pray for many blessings to overflow in their lives. Let them know and feel Your comfort

LORD God Father almighty, in the Name of Your Son, Jesus the Christ, our King, I pray that You will allow me to pick up my mat and walk to wherever it is that You need me to speak the truth that You have revealed to me. Not my will, Father, but Your will be done.

I love You because You first loved us. You are One. You are Holy. You are God.


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