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Written By: John "Wolf" Brown

Originally written in 2004

Once upon a time, in a place far away,

it was in a beautiful garden, and on a lovely day.

Everything was very good, there had never been a sin,

then along came the serpent, thus, born the beast within.

Time went on and the human race, continued to grow worse,

all because of original sin, resulting in God's curse.

Adam and Eve covered themselves after they had sinned,

that's because they had given birth to the beast within.

It's been passed along to everyone, since that dreadful day,

every man and woman ever born, so we all have to pay.

Now we have eyes to see, but we are spiritually blind,

unable to recognize the beast, with our natural mind.

We also have ears to hear, but we are spiritually deaf,

not knowing the beast within, is none other than ourself.

Separation from God is the debt, that is everyone’s loss,

but Jesus Christ paid the price when He took it to the cross.

The beast within is the self, so do not fail to see,

separation from the beast within, took place on Calvary.

Now Jesus died to give us life, this is very true,

but His atoning sacrifice, must also bring death to you.

Before you can come to Christ, you must know you are lost,

and Jesus tells us in His Word, you had better count the cost.

Denying self is a daily battle, and one you cannot win,

without the aid of the Holy Spirit, coming to dwell within.

Still from time to time self will often, raise its ugly head,

while we are still on this flesh, it is never really dead.

Now Jesus died to give us, every spiritual blessing,

so why for worldly gain, do we continue confessing.

The Christian name is not to take, for worldly gain,

the third commandment plainly says, do not misuse God’s name.

Jesus did not die for our health, or prosperity,

He died to bring us back to God, for all eternity.

But the beast within has now, entered into the church,

Self-esteem, love, image, health and wealth are often taught,

but death to self was the price, the blood of Jesus bought.

So do not stand before the judgement seat and hear that you’re not known.

all because for the beast within, all of your seeds were sown.

The cross is the symbol of death, for all the world to see,

and Jesus Christ plainly said, pick it up and follow Me!

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