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A Prisoner's Faith

Written by: Dontez Davis

Dontez is currently incarcerated in Minnesota

Who He Is

God walks on the wings of the wind.

Stretches out the heavens like a curtain.

God made the angels spirit.

He laid down the Earth’s foundation.

When the waters stood above the mountains

He divided the lakes, rivers, and oceans.

He made the trees for the birds to sing on their branches.

He caused the grass to grow.

He gave us the animals.

He made it possible for wine to come from the vine.

He made the meat the lions seek.

He formed the now and whatever was.

Who can ask what God is?

He is, what he does.

He creates.

Adam’s body he shaped.

He’s the master potter and we are the clay.

He cleared the sky so we could view outer space.

He is wisdom and love.

Perfect in every way

Look around you, can’t you see.

He designed everything and defines our reality.

How could you ask, “Who is He?”

Praises Due

Praises due, all praises due! Hallelujah!

My only way of loving you is to live how you want me to.

There’s no other way to measure up, how can I?

You’re much too worthy!

It’s an honor to be of service to the King.

I find it so amazing, sort of like a dream.

A person like me can receive immortality because of the grace of God.

That thought alone is humbling.

You’ve shown us mercy.

Even the ones who don’t believe

Everybody is given a chance to be born into your family.

Yet, they must submit to your righteous will.

There is no in between.

Your final say is what’s real.

You deserve all the glory.

You’re the Supreme Intelligence

That shows the way to lasting peace.

Something world leaders can’t accomplish politically.

Thank You! THANK YOU!

Father who is heavenly, I worship you, and only you.

I put no God before thee.

You are the beginning and everlasting.

Oh! Heavenly Father

Give us the strength we need during our trials.

Help us to win victories, so we can smile.

Take away the world’s hate and animosity.

At least for a while.

Fill it with your love and energy.

Until Jesus descends from the clouds.

The entire earth appears upside down.

It doesn’t know your face.

The Bible does say, this is the devil’s place.

It’s his throne, his home.

Is this why there’s such a high murder rate?

So much depression.

People who feel alone, fatherless adolescence, willful ignorance, and nuclear weapons.

Praises due! All Praises due!

When you put an end to the madness by locking Satan away in the bottomless pit.

He’s the author of confusion and every false religion.

I thank you heavenly Father!

Thank you so very much!

Hallelujah! HALLELUJAH!

Sorry to be in a rush, but I can’t wait until you come.


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