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Gathering an Army

Written by: Anonymous Prisoner

This is my prayer for men and women living through mass incarceration

While the public is sold a dream of the state's attempt at rehabilitation

We live in a world that is out of sight and out of mind, stripped of our identity

We have tried everything, lost all hope, and exhausted every remedy

Stand up, take courage, and know there is only One that we should fear

He has been watching from a distance, waiting for you to shed tears

Once broken, repent and turn to Him

Your hope returned, when you turned from your sin

Murderers, idolaters, thieves, and every treachery is what He seeks.

Turning blasphemers and tyrants to Kings and Priests

Out of captivity, He gathers a force

Who are afraid of nothing, not even the sword

Out of pride and shame His Holy Army emerges

With weapons of patience and humility, they will be victorious

He uses a discipline, set aside for His children

Captivity is a process that He uses to build them

So I say to all my brothers and sisters in fetters and chains

Rejoice in afflictions and know He will produce hope through your pain

Continue to stand in adversity, and seek the One

Who can physically deliver you, to your daughters and sons

Bars will rust and corrode, chains will be broke

Unjust laws will change and you will bring hope

Back to your family, you will bring light

Because He is the way, the truth, and the life

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